Connecting the Ram Factory DRL's (Daytime Running Lights)

The ASV Rams are bit of a 'Hybrid" build of the Canadian version. Canada as default has the DRL in the BCM (body control module) set to low beams. So if you have the DRL option in your Uconnect lights settings, turn them off.
Remove the connector from the back of each headlight. The wiring loom at the headlight connectors on either side, has one wire taped back. This wire is what supplies the "accent" lights with their power whilst the car ignition is on. So you will need to remove a bit of the tape at the end of the loom where it meets the connector to review the wire on each side. The pin connector is also wrapped in electrical tape, so you will need to remove this as well.
You now can slide the backing plate and waterproof membrane back to show a plastic blanking pin that is in the location to where your newly found wire and pin needs to go into.
To remove this plastic blanking pin, remove the front white housing of the connector and depress the clip that holds the white blanking pin in. Push the blanking pin back and it should just pop out. Slide your newly found wire through the backplate and membrane, then seat the pin into the place where the blanking pin was.
Re-assemble, plug back into headlight, and you're done!
Please note that the passenger side is a pain, unless you have super small hands. I found it easier to remove all the lower connectors and cable stays downstream of the headlight connector loom to allow heaps of play in the wires to do it easily. Drivers side is easy as.
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