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2014+ Ram 2500/3500 Race Series 2.0 ATS Steering Stabiliser

2014+ Ram 2500/3500 Race Series 2.0 ATS Steering Stabiliser

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Default Title: FOX98302158

With conventional steering stabilisers, turning in one direction creates an increase in pressure inside the stabiliser as the shaft occupies more volume in the body and displaces the oil. The repercussion is a push or pull steering force felt by the driver as the stabiliser attempts to return to its neutral state. To overcome this unidirectional force, dual opposing stabilisers are often used, but this requires additional mounting hardware and space.

The Factory Race Series 2.0 Stabiliser ATS utilizes an Adjustable Through Shaft (ATS) architecture that eliminates shaft fluid displacement throughout the stabiliser’s entire travel in both directions. The external piggyback reservoir provides additional fluid capacity and utilizes an Internal Floating Piston (IFP) to separate the fluid from the nitrogen gas charge to eliminate cavitation. For increased control that can be tailored to any driving style and setup, an external adjuster provides 24 clicks of adjustment to fine tune the feel. The result is highly customizable and consistent damping of unwanted steering feedback in a single, bolt-on stabiliser. 
The Factory Race Series 2.0 Stabiliser ATS includes application specific mounting hardware and is available in multiple clamp sizes for stock or aftermarket heavy duty tie-rods.

Download the installation procedure here.

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