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AEV Snorkel to suit 2019+ Ram 2500

AEV Snorkel to suit 2019+ Ram 2500

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Outback Kitters has been chasing a snorkel for the 2019+ Ram 2500/3500's for some time. AEV have finally released this snorkel, and we are proud to distribute them here in Australia!

No Tuning required!

This AEV Snorkel Kit is the perfect way to maximize your 2019+ Ram 2500/3500's performance. Made in the USA from UV-stable polyethylene, it is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and is tested for superior durability and performance.

It also comes with a lower airbox assembly, OEM airbox lid, hole-cutting template, and a forward-facing Ram Air inlet for the cleanest air possible and safe water crossings.

*Note: The Installation Procedure does not suggest to seal the airbox. If you intend to do water crossings with your Ram 2500/3500, then it is at the discretion of the customer / installer to seal the airbox to prevent water ingress. This falls outside the manufacturer's and Outback Kitters' liability for the performance of this product.

Download the Installation Procedure here.
Download the Cut-out template here

Product FAQ's

Is the AEV Snorkel just for deep water crossing?

That’s the popular perception, but snorkels do much more. In dry or dusty areas like the Southwest, dust is a bigger hazard to your air intake than water or at the very least a more persistent issue. Dusty conditions can wreak havoc on your air filter, choking your engine and reducing performance. 

How difficult is the installation?

It is a bit time consuming, since the front fender must be removed and cut. We do include a template to assist in the cutting process. If you are still unsure whether it’s something you want to take on or not, we recommend contacting one of our Authorized Outback Kitters Dealers for a professional installation quote.

Won’t rain and snow get into my engine when I drive down the road?

Not really. The Air-Ram is designed so that incoming rain will hit the back wall of the Ram and then get channeled into carefully designed drains. This is a critical design feature and one that shouldn’t be ignored. Should a small amount of water ever make it through the snorkel, it will collect harmlessly in the bottom of the air box.

Isn’t plastic going to be too weak for serious off-road use?

Nothing could be further from the truth. Cross-linked polyethylene is virtually indestructible. It’s what whitewater kayaks, bulldozer bushings, and cutting boards are all made from.

Where are AEV Snorkels manufactured?

All AEV Snorkels are proudly manufactured in the USA!

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