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Outback Kitters

Ram 1500 DS Adventure Rails™ MAX Roof Racks

Ram 1500 DS Adventure Rails™ MAX Roof Racks

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180 Degree 4m Ultralight Clevershade / 2 x Side Lights / Crew Cab:

180 Degree 4m Ultralight Clevershade / No Side Lights / Crew Cab:

No Awning / 2 x Side Lights / Crew Cab:

No Awning / No Side Lights / Crew Cab:

The Outback Kitters Adventure Rails™ MAX is the ultimate roof rack packed full of features.

Gone are the days of throwing a platform on top of side rails to carry rooftop accessories and having the dreadful overhang. The Adventure Rails™ MAX have these sleek extrusions that form the basis of the Platform Plates™ to give you the space up top to carry the essentials. If you have a sunroof, you still visibility! If you want maximum coverage up top, then you can purchase the additional Platform Plates™ to suit. 
The Side Rails & Platform Plates  ™ have strategically positioned grooves so you can fit all your favourite roof rack accessories wherever you please. 

In an absolute world's first, we have an integration with the Clevershade 180 degree Ultra-Lite Awning which slides right into the side extrusions - no more pesky rooftop brackets and making your rig taller than it needs to be.

Our updated front fascia finishes the look whilst the downward side lights give you visibility where you need it most, right beside your vehicle.

This kit includes:
  • Left & Right Adventure Rails ™ made from aluminium
  • 5 x Crossbar Extrusions with Rubber Fillers
  • 2 x Platform Plates
  • Front Fascia Panel
  • 6 x Mounting Feet made from steel*
  • Fitting Kit
  • Powdercoated Black finish for a tough but refined look.
  • *Steel feet are sandblasted, primed and powdercoated.

Optional Extras

This is designed to suit the Ram 1500 DS Crew Cab. The Quad Cab design will be released in due course.

Always refer to your owners manual for Roof Loading Capacity.

  • On-Road Limit: 70kg / 154lbs
  • Off-Road Limit: 45kg / 100lbs
  • These are not suitable for Rooftop Tents. 
  • Weight must be evenly distributed.

Note: You can still order the original Adventure Rails which includes 2 x side rails and optional side lights. You will need to organise the purchase of a suitable platform through a local stockist.

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