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SumoSprings Rebel 2" Spacer Plate

SumoSprings Rebel 2" Spacer Plate

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Default Title: SSP-002

SumoSprings Rebel Spacers are an add-on for lifted trucks. This means you can add our patented two-piece SumoSprings Rebel kit even if you’ve lifted your truck.

SumoSprings are The Airbag Alternative — a progressive spring designed to reduce rear-end sag, decrease vibration, stabilise sway, and soften harsh rebounds. That means better journeys for more people.

The SSP-002 is for trucks that are lifted 2 inches. 

Installation Difficulty 1/5 - Time: 10 Minutes

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      Product FAQs

      Why are SumoSprings different colors?

      The different SumoSprings colors identify the density. SumoSprings are manufactured in three densities: -40 (Blue), -47 (Black), and -54 (Yellow).

      What is the difference between air bags, air springs, and SumoSprings?

      SumoSprings and air bags are types of air springs. The main difference between SumoSprings and an air bag is the way the air is captured and controlled. A traditional air bag requires a compressor with hoses and valves used to fill the balloon inside the air bag. This system requires maintenance to prevent cracks and/or leaks. SumoSprings capture air in millions of air pockets inside the micro-cellular urethane material.

      What is the capacity of SumoSprings?

      The capacity of SumoSprings varies depending on the height, diameter and density of the spring. SumoSprings are rated by how many pounds of pressure it takes to compress the spring down to 50% of it’s original body height.

      Are sumosprings used for carrying heavy loads or ride comfort?

      Both! SumoSprings work in conjunction with the original equipment to share the load, enhancing the carrying capacity. The micro-cellular urethane SumoSprings are manufactured from is known for its damping properties and reducing road shock and vibration. This helps create a cushion-like effect, perfect for maintaining and improving ride quality.

      Outback Kitters Sumo Spring Compression

      SumoSprings are not made from rubber. They are a progressive spring with a very soft initial engagement. That means that as more weight added, the harder they get and more they push back, providing support and control when you need it without affecting the factory ride when unloaded.

      Outback Kitters Sumo Springs

      These are a suspension enhancement built to create a better journey. Manufactured from our micro-cellular polyurethane, they are designed to reduce rear-end sag, decrease vibration, stabilize sway, and soften harsh rebounds.